Location and Climate in Aiken SC

Where is Aiken, SC? The city is conveniently located in the west central region of South Carolina. From this location it is an easy drive to many southern destination cities and regional airports. See the map below.


Aiken’s Unique Climate

20 million years ago Aiken was beach front property – sand dunes for an ancient sea.  The low country was part of the ocean.  These dunes now comprise a region called the Sandhills and form a line along the interior of South and North Carolina.  The sandhills are an important groundwater recharge area for coastal aquifers in the Carolinas.  Because the sandy soil drains so well there is minimum vapor uptake and very little standing water.  This lowers the relative humidity which remains, on average, around 51% in the afternoon, year round.  The lack of Spanish moss on the live oaks is a result of this low relative humidity.  Because of the lack of standing water, there are fewer breeding areas for mosquitoes and other flying pests.  As a result Aiken enjoys one of the most comfortable climates in the Southeastern U.S.  This is another reason why if you’re lucky enough to live in Aiken, you are lucky enough.

“Near Perfect” Lots of sunshine and moderate humidity

  • Mild “Four Season” Climate
  • Zone 8 on the planting and gardening chart
  • Average wind speed – 3.1 mph
  • Average humidity – 51%
  • Average rainfall – 43 inches
  • Annual Temperature Average – 79.3 degrees
  • Hottest Month – 84.6 degrees
  • Coldest Month – 38.1 degrees
  • 112 miles inland, Aiken escapes high humidity, coastal storms, and hurricanes

As a long-time resident of Aiken, Joe Murphy believes in all the city has to offer. If you are considering Aiken, SC, for your next home, use the online property search tool or contact Joe Murphy today at (803) 292-6779 or using his online contact form.